TOURISTIC SERVICES – visiting the touristic areas in the neighbourhood of Nera Clinic

- for organized groups, the departure will be discussed by mutual agreement with the group;

- depending on the number of people in the group, the price for a day trip is approximately 90-120 lei, which includes: round trip transport, access to the objectives to be visited, local guide;

- the excursions will be for one day, the departure will be around 10.00-11.00 a.m. and the arrival will be around 18.00-19.00;

- no meal is provided, it will be taken on the route, in an organized manner


Discovering the Banat Touristic Treasure - a day trip considering the following sights depending on the interest of the group (discussed at departure):

- the city of ORAVITA

- Oravita Theatre (built after the burg)

- the oldest train station in Romania - Oravita

- walk: Oraviţa-Anina railway versus Austrian Semmering (train ticket included)

- sightseeing in Oravita (by bus) and Anina


Thematic trip at the Holy Places and Banat Monasteries:

- Visit to Nera Monastery

- Visiting Calugara Monastery

- Visiting the old churches, the historical monuments in Oravita

- Visiting the old village churches in Banat

TOURISM in Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park

The beauties of Banat Nature, - a day trip considering the following sights, depending on the interest of the group (discussed at departure):

- Bigar Waterfall

- The trout farm, Ochiul Beiului, Beușnița Waterfall

- Podul Turcilor in Grădinari, Turnul Cavalerilor Gladiferi, Arcidava - Roman camp, Socolari / Ilidia Fortress, Devil's Lake


- we provide, upon request, the transfer of tourists for a fee, and for accommodation and treatments in the internal system for over 20 days the transfer is free. The transfer can be Timisoara or Resita.

Recreation programs

- walking on recommended routes;

- take part in the Holy Mass at Nera Monastery (Holy Mass officiated at night) or in of Slatina Nera village (Holy Mass officiated during the day);

- cycling in the area (bike rental with or without battery);

- rafting on Nera river, zip line, mountaineering

Accommodation and catering services

The accommodation services are dedicated to the patients of Nera Clinic and their relatives.

Meal services can be done against a fee by anyone who comes to visit and wants to dine at the Restaurant of Nera Clinic.