Nera Clinica benefits from generous spaces and complete endowments for medical recovery in general, being specialized on oncological recovery in particular. The Nera Clinic is considering medical recovery treatments to improve onset of oncological conditions at onset, depending on each case, and as a result of the effects of treating oncological disease, such as chemotherapy or postoperative recovery.

Besides the oncological medical recovery, in the Black Clinic other medical recoveries can be performed, on different ailments: inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic diseases; orthopedic disorders, especially after surgery, neurological disorders, post-traumatic sequelae such as long-term open wounds, fractures, dislocations, sprains, etc .., sports therapy to improve athletes' abilities.

The medical recovery in the Black Clinic will take into account cyclical periods of hospitalization and treatment, with an emphasis on treating each condition separately. Thus, the endowments of the Nera Clinic are complete, benefiting from accommodation places for patients in individual wards or if desired the patients can stay together with a relative.

The clinic is equipped with kitchen, storage spaces, generous dining room, day bar, Orthodox chapel, laboratories, recreation areas, medical offices, amphitheater with over 50 seats, etc ..

Also, outdoor walks are encouraged, Clinica Nera benefiting from a space of over 10 hectares of yard, but from the Clinic you can go hiking in the surrounding areas, extremely picturesque. In the immediate vicinity of the Nera Clinic there are several tourist spots, including the Nera Gorges and the National Park of the same name.

The Nera Clinic is the ideal place for a medical stay to recover in general and to reassemble the body to fight the disease, especially with the oncological disease.