What is a hyperbaric chamber, with the help of which the treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy is done?

Why can hyperbaric oxygen treatments be more effective when performed in unpolluted, very clean areas?

Nera Clinic holds the newest and most modern multi-room hyperbaric chamber for medical use in Romania - HAUX Starmed 2200 XL. It was manufactured in Germany, according to EN14931 standard on the construction and functionality of hyperbaric chambers, EN12021 on pressurization and it complies with strict fire safety standards EN16081 and any other European standards for indoor installations, standardization of used internal materials and also the use of first emergency medical equipment (eg defibrillator, ventilator, syringe pump) specially designed for use in hyperbaric conditions. It is installed and commissioned by HAUX specialists and has EU accreditations to operate in Romania as well.

In accordance with the European Standard EN14931, which regulates the functionality and accreditation of hyperbaric chambers in the EU, so including in Romania, hyperbaric chambers for multi-seat oxygen therapy (multiplace) should have compulsorily two compartments: a main one where the proper therapy is performed and an auxiliary or antechamber, which allows, during the therapy, the exit and entry of the medical staff or patients in or from the main compartment, especially in case of medical emergency. More about European standards and what an accredited hyperbaric chamber is can be found here .

Also, the multi-place hyperbaric chambers that operate in the European Union for hyperbaric oxygen therapy must have a series of accredited medical devices, with the help of which the health parameters of the patients who stay inside the chamber are monitored during therapy. Last but not least, the oxygen used for hyperbaric therapy must be accredited as for medical use, i.e. to have a concentration of at least 99.5% pure oxygen. Therefore, oxygen concentrators or oxygen generators that are currently on the market do not fall into this category, on one hand, due to the oxygen concentration below 95%, and on the other hand, due to multiple filters that are not accredited for medical use. In the case of large molecular sieve and medical oxygen concentrators used in some hospitals, the additional filtration system can raise the purity to a maximum of 97%.

The benefit of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is reduced in crowded urban areas, with air pollution exceeding the maximum allowed values, so a very high air pollution, because the hyperbaric chamber uses even the air of the environment in which it operates, in large quantities, so if the air is polluted, the therapy itself cannot be performed in unpolluted conditions, even if this air is very well filtered. The presence of industrial greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of urban areas, but also of many gas emissions from heat engines, present in congested urban areas, cannot be effectively removed by mechanical air filtration. This is one of the reasons why Nera Clinic chose to carry out hyperbaric oxygen therapy in an unpolluted area, with a concentration of over 1000 negative ions per cm3 (very pure air), bordered by the protected areas Cheile Nerei-Beuşniţa National Park and Semenic National Park.

Before scheduling your treatments in a hyperbaric chamber in the EU, we advise you to make sure that the chamber is in accordance with current accredited legislation. You can find the accreditation for the operation of the Hyperbaric Chamber at Nera Clinic here.