Conferences / symposiums

The role of the events organized by Sfânta Irina Foundation (international symposiums and conferences) is to promote our institution as a Palliative Care Centre and the importance of this type of service in our society, taking into account that the disease incidence is constantly increasing, cancer representing the second cause of mortality in Romania.

At the same time, the issue of patient care is deepened from various perspectives and the exchange of experience with professionals from the medical, university, church environment is facilitated, with the ultimate goal of improving the care of patients with chronic disorders.

Among the most important events we mention:

Concept of Christian medicine – Patient approach

Sfânta Irina Foundation organizes a CYCLE OF CONFERENCES on the topic: THE CONCEPT OF CHRISTIAN MEDICINE. PATIENT APPROACH, for 24 hours.

- It may be attended by: physicians, priests, psychologists, social workers, theologians.

- The participation is free.

- Depending on the number and preferences of the enrolled people, we can organize the courses on a weekly basis or in compact manner.

- Details and enrolment: FOCSA ROXANA 0758259948 ; e-mail:

Christian policies – Biblical and Patristic foundations. European context

Sfânta Irina Foundation and the Commission for Human Rights, Cults and Minorities from the Romanian Senate organized on Tuesday, June 23, 2015, starting with 9:00, in the Constantin Stere Hall of the Romanian Senate, the seminar “Christian Policies - Biblical and Patristic Foundations. The European context".

The seminar organizers aimed to highlight the experience of over 2000 years of the Christian Church in the field of social, moral and economic work of a country or community in order to bring to the attention of public positions, leadership staff, the historical example of government based on Christian learning.

Representatives of the legislative, executive, presidential administration, all cults, representatives of the Universities, as well as representatives of the Romanian MEPs, representatives of foundations and associations were invited to the dialogue table.

International symposium - Spiritual assistance of the dying patient. Orthodox approach.

The symposium took place on March 4-5, 2008 at the Christiana Monastery.

This symposium addressed for the first time in our country the topic of spiritual assistance in the care of the sick people - both scientifically and theologically.

This symposium was attended by international personalities from the medical and theological world (IPS Hierotheos Vlachos-Greece, Georgatos Nikolas Kallinikos-Greece, Dr.Dmitri Alexandrovich Avdeev - Orthodox Psychology Centre, Russia, Prof. Tristram H. Engelhardt Jr. PhD, University of Texas United States; Corinna Delkeskamp-Hayes, Germany; Dr. Marc Andronikof-France).

International symposium - Martyrdom

The symposium took place on October 11th 2010 at Hilton Hotel in Bucharest and was the first martyrology symposium in the country.

The symposium was attended by: Prof. Tristram H. Engelhardt Jr. PhD, University of Texas, USA; Corinna Delkeskamp-Hayes, Germany; Prof. Georgios Metallinos, University of Athens, Greece; Prof. Dominic Rubin PhD, University of Oxford, UK.

Conference on the topic - Bioethical issues and end-of-life dilemmas

The conference was held by I.P.S Dr. Nicolae Metropolitan of Mesoghia and Levrotiki in October 2013. The conference took place at Sfânta Irina Palliative Care Centre.