Don´t feed cancer

In recent years, cancer has shown us that it is a fearsome adversary that uses every means to win the battle it fights daily with thousands of people. Some of the most powerful weapons of cancer are the mistakes we make in our diet.

The information presented in the book "Don't feed cancer" demonstrates this, correlating it with the dizzying increase in the incidence of cancer. At the same time, however, nutrition can be a reliable ally in the fight against cancer. By knowing the right principles of a healthy diet, we can defeat cancer with our own weapons. Food can turn from an enemy into an ally.

DON'T FEED CANCER is written by three experienced specialists in alternative therapy: Pavel Chirilă - primary care physician for internal diseases, Mădălina Popescu - specialist in immunology and clinical allergology and Cristela Georgescu - graduate of the Plant Based Nutrition program, Cornell University, USA..

By purchasing this book, you open a new path for cancer patients. The money you give for the book will be fully donated for the construction of Nera Clinic, which will provide early stage cancer patients with a chance to recover.

Therefore, the book has, among its pages, not only sound principles for a proper diet, but also laudable intentions for the implementation of a concrete solution to fight this disease.