Redirect 2-3,5% out of the income tax to Nera Clinic

According to art. 84, par. 2 of the Fiscal Code, any taxpayer can order the directing of 2% of the income tax, paid to the state, to any non-governmental organization the same wishes.

This amount does not represent a sponsorship or donation, but is, in essence, a part of the income tax already paid, which is directed by each citizen to the entity he wants.

If you don't direct them, the money goes to the state. You have to complete 3 simple steps:

  • 1. Download Form 230 ;(for employees) or Form 200 ;(for self-employed individuals, rental income, copyright and other income categories other than wages).
  • 2. Fill it in with your personal data (for the previous year for which tax has already been paid). Do not calculate to complete the amount that will be redirected. This will be calculated by the financial administration to which you belong.
  • 3. Sign the form and submit it by May 25 to the Financial Administration to which you belong. You can find the addresses here.