Improving the quality of life for advanced cancer patients through medical, social, psychological and spiritual care.



The founding members start the "Palliative Care Center" project, obtain the first funding and purchase the land thanks to the goodwill of ”Anonimul” Foundation, which is confident that this project will come to life.


The non-reimbursable financing project obtained from the Ministry of European Integration, in partnership with Voluntari City Hall, is conducted.


The team members that currently work in the Palliative Care Center are identified, their training is provided by Casa Speranţei team from Braşov, the pioneers of palliative care in Romania. On October 25, the inauguration ceremony of “Sfânta Irina” Palliative Care Center takes place, an event attended by the “soul people” of the Foundation, sponsors, officials, representatives of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour, Social Solidarity and Family, Romanian Patriarchate, Casa Speranței Foundation, friends from England, Voluntari City Hall. The Te Deum service is officiated in the presence of His Eminence Metropolitan Teofan of Oltenia, His Eminence Serafim of Germany, His Eminence Ciprian Câmpineanul, His Eminence Sebastian Ilfovenu. New funding sources are identified for the operation of the centre and the provision of quality services to patients in the centre and their families.


Through "Noi Speranţe" Phare 2005 Program in amount of 75,000 Euros, we manage to start the activity of caring cancer and leukaemia patients in advanced stages in the "Sfânta Irina" Centre - we provide palliative care to patients, we support their family in difficult times, facilitate access to social assistance services through the foundation's social workers. New funding sources are identified for the continuation of the project - new funds are obtained from the American United Way Foundation and a collaboration relationship is established with the National Health Insurance House of Ilfov County, the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection in 3rd District and 6th District.


Through the project "Cancer, absolute priority - the development of a real social services system", funded by Regio - Regional Operational Program, we managed in 2011 to expand the centre by building a new construction next to the current building and, consequently, increase the centre capacity from 21 to 37 seats. The spaces intended for the care of patients and their families are properly arranged and equipped, as well as the increase of the accessibility of the individuals needing this type of assistance.


The hospital chapel is put into use.